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A Message from the CEO

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 Section 1: Free Resources 

If you are struggling to find ways to support students and supervisees through remote or online services, we have free resources that the PracticeWise team has been building for many years now. We offer these as part of our commitment to serving those that help children and families.  

"Colleagues have already emailed me this week saying, 'this service saved me today,' and 'PracticeWise was the hero of my supervision.' I hope we can all maintain our commitment to producing, consuming, and applying knowledge as the solution to life’s greatest challenges." 

Bruce Chorpita, Ph.D., PracticeWise President and Co-Founder, UCLA Professor.

 To take advantage of these free resources follow the instructions below or email

1) Go to

2) Click on Join Now and register for free

3) Log in and choose one of the Online Learning options; click “Free Edition”

4) Click Add to Cart

5) Click Secure Checkout

6) Agree to the Terms and Conditions 

7) Click Place Order

8) Find your course under My Courses

 Section 2: New Webinar Series

This month, PracticeWise kicked off a new series of webinars designed to provide additional support for you during this unprecedented time. We held the first one last week where PracticeWise President and co-founder and UCLA Professor, Bruce Chorpita, Ph.D., presented: 
"Using Established Evidence to Solve New Problems"
During this 35 minute webinar, attendees learned how four Practice Guides could be used to help children and families adjust to working and studying at home. The session was extremely successful. We would like to thank all those that attended, and for those that did not get to register, click here to watch the recording


Please join PracticeWise 

Vice President of Training and Development, Teri Bourdeau, Ph.D., 

for a free webinar to help you think through providing 

evidence-based treatments in a virtual environment:

Time to Pull Out the Ideaometer: 

Youth Mental Health Treatment in a Virtual World

Thursday April, 2, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST

During this thirty minute session, you will learn about a framework for refocusing youth emotional and behavioral treatment plans disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting processes to include a virtual format while continuing to apply interventions consistent with good evidence will also be discussed. 
Do not miss this free thirty minute informational event.

 Section 3: Continuing Education Offer - Buy One Get One Free

CE Offer

Are you looking for continuing education (CE) credits? Take advantage of this time and this special BOGO offer to learn something new and earn some CE credits.

PracticeWise has been developing continuing education courses for years as part of our dedication to serving you. From now until April 17, 2020 if you buy one of the following Resource Courses

  • Clinical Dashboards
  • Practice Guides
  • Process Guides
  • Modular Approach to Therapy for Children (MATCH)
  • PracticeWise Evidence Based Services Database (PWEBS)

You will receive the Activity Selection Course for free!

To access this CE offer, follow the instructions below or email

1.) Go to 

2.) Click on Join Now to register a username and password 

(takes a few moments and is free of charge) 

3.) After logging in, under the Online Learning heading on the right side of the page, click on the More Courses link at the bottom 

4.) Select any of the courses under the Resource Courses heading 

5.) Click Add to Cart 

6.) Click Browse Courses 

7.) Select the Activity Selection course under the Direct Services heading 

8.) Click Add to Cart 

9.) Click Secure Checkout to complete the checkout procedure

 Section 4: PracticeWise Resource Library Expansion

The Spring 2020 updates to the PracticeWise information resources are now available. Our team is very pleased to share these new additions to our growing library of tools and resources designed to help you improve lives using science and local knowledge from your practice. We encourage you to check in periodically on all our resources and continue to send us your feedback, questions, suggestions, and contributions to

PracticeWise Evidence-Based Services Database (PWEBS)

PWEBS has expanded once again from 1,118 papers to 1,165 and from 2,011 protocols to 2,080. That's an addition of 47 papers and 69 protocols! Here is a brief summary of changes and additions to the treatment family strength of evidence levels:
  • Attention Training and Exposure was introduced as a treatment family and achieved No Support (Level 5)
  • The Biofeedback treatment family improved to Good Support (Level 2)
  • The Executive Functioning Training treatment family improved to Good Support (Level 2).
  • Joint Attention/Empathetic & Emotional Engagement was introduced as a treatment family and achieved Good Support(Level 2).
  • The Parent Management Training and Medication treatment family improved to Best Support (Level 1).
  • The Joint Attention/Engagement treatment family was renamed to Joint Attention/Empathetic & Emotional Engagement to be more descriptive. As before, it has Best Support (Level 1).
  • Behavioral Activation was introduced as a treatment family and achieved Minimal Support (Level 4).
Disruptive Behavior
  • The Motivational Interviewing/Engagement treatment family improved to Best Support (Level 1).
  • Motivational Interviewing/Engagement and Cognitive Behavior Therapy was introduced as a treatment family and achieved No Support (Level 5).
  • Client Centered Therapy was introduced as a treatment family and achieved No Support (Level 5).
  • The Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment family improved to Minimal Support (Level 4).
  • Family Therapy was introduced as a treatment family and achieved No Support (Level 5).
Traumatic Stress 
  • The Exposure treatment family improved to Best Support (Level 1).
In addition to the PWEBS expansion, we have also expanded our Practitioner Guides and Online Distance Learning Courses. 
Practitioner Guides
The Practitioner Guides were expanded to include a new PracticeGuide, two guides with major updates to broaden their applicability and reflect the latest evidence, and two with minor updates as well.
  • Supportive Listening (New)
  • Social Skills (Major Revision)
  • Antecedent/Stimulus Control (Major Revision)  
  • Relationship/Rapport Building (Minor Revision)
  • Natural and Logical Consequences (Minor Revision) 
Online Courses 
Our collection of online courses has expanded to include a new course for the CARE Process.

A special note of thanks and recognition to Adam Bernstein, Ph.D., Eric Daleiden, Ph.D., Chad Ebesutani Ph.D., Charmaine Higa-McMillan, Ph.D., and all of our awesome group of developers, reviewers, editors, and supporting team that create and publish the great resources.

 Section 5: Training

 We recognize this is an unprecedented time in service delivery. While many of us have provided service virtually at one time or another, it has rarely been the case that all providers all over the world would be working virtually at the same time. There is no doubt that we are all dedicated to serving children and families during this critical time. How we do this could have a positive and lasting impact, providing a sense of resilience that far surpasses expectations. 

While the need for virtual services may be temporary, this uncontrollable event is providing all of us an opportunity to reconsider how we do business. Consistent with many of you, the team at PracticeWise is continuing to work hard to help those who work tirelessly to help others. Specifically, we have been developing a plan for offering virtual training that includes not only our current library of online resources, but also live, interactive webinars, recorded models, and more. We are piloting different training modalities and methods so that we can bring our customers more options in the future. It is our hope that by doing so, more providers could get trained and more youth will be the recipients of training that leverages solid evidence.

Here are some of the key trainings that we have hosted over the last few months:

  • Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP) Direct Services Training
    • Los Angeles, California - February 2020
    • Pico Rivera, California - January 2020
    • Jackson, Mississippi - November 2019
We have several other trainings on the horizon and will continue to work to meet our customers' needs by including a user-friendly online training service. Stay tuned to learn more or contact us at if you are interested in scheduling a training for your company or organization.

 Section 6: Other Notable News

Over the last few months, members of the PracticeWise family have presented at conferences, participated in studies, and been involved with important industry publications. Here are a few of our favorite highlights. 

First, at the California Alliance of Child and Family Services Winter Conference (CACFS) in January, Teri Bourdeau shared the podium with Uplift Family Services (Uplift) Vice President of Research and Development, Eleanor Castillo Sumi, Ph.D., BCBA-D. The session, “A Comprehensive Model for Training Your Workforce in Evidence-Based Practice for Youth Mental Health,” was well attended and the participants were excited to see how the MAP resources could help them improve service delivery. Teri and Eleanor presenting together was a testament to the success of our ten plus year partnership with Uplift Family Services. 

Pictured below is Teri (right) and Eleanor (left) at at their CACFS conference session.

Second, Teri Bourdeau and Allison Love attended the 2020 Miami International Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference from February 5th to February 7th where they were able to engage and network with experts from around the world. At this conference, researchers and practitioners worked to bring both science and strategy to the broader behavioral health community. In addition to attending, Michael Southam-Gerow spoke at the conference about the gaps that remain for children and adolescents that need mental health care versus those that have access. He also highlighted how MAP has been used with great success in the Los Angeles area. 

PracticeWise President and Co-Founder, UCLA Professor, and ABCT Immediate Past President, Bruce Chorpita, Ph.D., gave an inspirational Presidential Address at the 2019 ABCT Annual Convention. "Our field is on the verge of a revolution in how we make science actionable to realize the mission of mental health and wellness worldwide. It was thrilling to see such themes showcased throughout the ABCT conference, with industry, innovation, and impact taking center stage. I was especially proud to see the voice of PracticeWise so frequently represented."

PracticeWise President/Co-Founder and UCLA Professor, Bruce Chorpita, Ph.D., spoke at the NASEM Health and Medicine Division's workshop, “Key Policy Challenges to Improve Care for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders” at the Keck Center in Washington, DC. This very innovative workshop touched on several encouraging conversations. All the sessions are available here.

 Section 7: Education​

Education Email Campaign Image

Are you interested in enhancing your program curriculum to help students learn, understand, and deliver evidence-informed youth mental health interventions? For more than 15 years, PracticeWise has been bringing a suite of proven resources to make it easy for providers at every level of experience to plan, deliver, monitor, and adapt individualized, evidence-informed treatments across diverse mental health service settings or programs to universities and service systems across the country. This system of tools, known as Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP), is designed to help improve the quality of care and clinical outcomes.

“The addition of MAP into our curriculum has been a unique opportunity for faculty teaching up-and-coming social workers an evidence-informed framework for clinical practice. Not only has it strengthened our curricular activities, but more importantly, graduates confirm that receiving MAP training contributed to their success in obtaining their first post-MSW job.”
Julie A. Cederbaum, Ph.D., MSW, MPH, 
Associate Professor, USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

For more information click here.

 Section 8: Cultural Values

As a company, we continue to build on our founding mission, vision, and principles with the creation and incorporation of our Cultural Values. These values are designed to ground every member of the PracticeWise family via a set of clearly defined "family norms." This month we are highlighting:

Families Matter

"While work can be a meaningful part of our lives, we know that life beyond work matters. The definition of family is as diverse as the members on our team, but the essence is that we all have people in our lives that we care about and that depend on us. We want to be present for the “milestone moments” in our families and ensure that they always know that families matter. 

Here at PracticeWise we are dedicated to helping those who help others. That is why families are so important to us! During times like these, communication is key. Talking with your family about the changes in today's society is proven to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with worrying. Discussing the challenges and working together to find solutions will not only improve your mental health but also, it can be used as a bonding tool.


Follow us on social media to learn more about our cultural values and how they guide our actions. 

 Section 9: New Team Members

 Meet the newest PracticeWise family members! Bethany Weaver (pictured on the left), a student at Eastern Florida State College studying business management, and Aliya Davis (pictured on the right), a student at the University of Central Florida studying science and psychology. These two are doing a brilliant job, and we are so glad to have them on the team. 

We are also really thrilled to introduce our new Chief Morale Officer (CMO). His name is Benne, which is short for Benne Wafer (Pictured in the middle above). Benne's human Mom and PracticeWise Training Manager, Allison Love, Ph.D., named Benne after her favorite local treat from Charleston, South Carolina, which are made from sesame seeds. Since Benne looks like a cute little sesame seed, Benne seemed like the perfect name. This CMO is dedicated to bringing smiles to everyone that comes in his path. Stay tuned to learn more about Benne and the rest of the PracticeWise family. 

 Section 10: Follow Us on Social Media

Social Media

Have you checked out PracticeWise on social media? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (Find links below). Check in to find out the latest about the company and our amazing team. You can also find out about our latest trainings, new products and services, conferences and events that we are attending, and other updates from the PracticeWise family. Don't wait - join the conversation now!

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